Magazine Writing

You name it and I can write about it. I have written hundreds of articles under my own byline for senior executive audiences.

From something as esoteric as the real options pricing model to managing the increasing cost of health care and prescription drug benefit plans to maximizing customer service quality, I know how to turn complex ideas into compelling copy.

To give you a sense of my work, I have chosen the following mix of articles—some new and some of my greatest hits—but these only scratch the surface.  I have many, many more samples stored in the vault and will gladly provide them upon request.

NOTE: All files are in PDF format.


CPA Critical Issues: Meeting Today’s Top Owner Challenges

CPA Firm Human Resources Benchmarks

Finance and Accounting

New Kids on the Block, Journal of Accountancy

Accounting for the Budget, Law Firm Inc.

Cash Matters, Small Firm Business

Risk Management

Measuring the Cost of Risk, Business Finance

Risk and Disclosure: A Conversation with SEC Commissioner Cynthia Glassman, Compliance Week

Corporate Governance and Compliance

United Technologies Offers a Model for Reporting Problems, Workforce Management

New Horizons: Enterprise-Wide Compliance, Journal of Accountancy

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Age of Sarbanes-Oxley, Compliance Week

It’s Not Easy Being General Counsel: Privileges, Positions Under Siege, Compliance Week

Up, Up and Away: Companies Try to Rein in Compliance Costs, Compliance Week

HR, Employee Benefits, and Compensation

Calibrating Consistency, HR Magazine

Money Matters in the Hiring Process, HR Magazine

Statistically Speaking, HR Magazine

Managed Accounts: A New Direction for 401(k) Plans, Journal of Accountancy

Making Incentives Pay, Industry Week

Pension Defrosted: Aerospace Corp. Unfreezes Its Pension to Attract Skilled Workers, Workforce Management

CA Restatement: A Cautionary Tale on Designing, Monitoring Sales Compensation Programs, Workforce Management

Health Care

Articles written for Managed Healthcare Executive

Wired for Health, American Executive

Scan Mania, American Executive

Defensive Medicine, American Executive

Other Business Topics

Time is Money: Alternatives to the Billable Hour, Small Firm Business

Press Or Say One for Customer Service, Electric Perspectives

Industrialization of the Web, Consulting