Awards & Recommendations

“You did a great job on this and I thank you for doing your best to make me look good with little input from me. You are one hell of a writer.”

A leader of a top-tier consulting firm upon completion of a ghostwriting project (via email)

“Joanne joined our freelance staff just a few months ago, but has been so quick to pick up our style and needs I feel as if I’ve been working with her for years. Her writing is clean, easy to read and a pleasure to edit. She delivers her copy on time. We’re very pleased with her work.”

Alicia Griswold, The Hackett Group (via LinkedIn)

“Joanne is a first-rate writer and editor who can translate complex business concepts into clear, concise copy for articles, white papers, web sites, collateral and other materials. She delivers excellent work on time and on budget — always a winning combination.”

Ron Brandsdorfer, Shearman & Sterling LLP (via LinkedIn)

“While at S&P Financial Communications, I hired Joanne several times to write copy for marketing-oriented newsletters and other materials for some of the nation’s largest financial services firms. My editorial colleagues and I viewed her as one of our most reliable outsourcing options when our writing staff was at capacity. She be counted on to deliver the highest-quality work on time and within budget. I would highly recommend Joanne for any financial writing project — and, in fact, am hoping to have the opportunity to work with her again very soon!”

Carol Goodwin, Standard & Poor’s Financial Communications (via LinkedIn)

“Joanne wrote a research report and a number of case studies for that report and another report. These projects were written for an audience of CPA firm leaders. Her subject matter knowledge, diligence in reaching out to case study prospects (even though both case studies assignments came at times that are challenging for reaching the intended audience), and understanding of the project requirements were invaluable to me as the editor and project manager. Her research and writing skills are clearly superior: she asked the right questions, followed along the paths that case studies often travel, was on time and complete in her work, and she is a pleasure to work with.”

Susan Sandler, Institute for Management and Administration (IOMA) (via LinkedIn)